I AM ME - Children and Youth Workshop

I AM ME - Children and Youth Workshop

Suitable for children and youth aged 9 years and above, this is a group workshop designed for schools, clubs, youth groups and more. This is a 3 hour session that is interactive, fun and yet effective in imparting key skills to develop their own maturity in augmenting their people skills. To keep the session effective, this session is a small group session of up to 10 pax. For larger group sizes, please contact us at info@discoveringpotential.com.sg 


We strive to share two key themes during this workshop:

1. To develop the idea of "knowing thyself is the beginning of all wisdom"

  • Introduction to the concept of DISC Personality Styles and the four key personality styles
  • Introduction to blended styles and internal values
  • Dig deeper into themselves and understand their own personality styles


2. To develop understanding of uniqueness in personalities and develop people skills

  • To inculcate the ability to reduce judgement, and increase acceptance
  • Develop flexibility and understanding when dealing with people who are different to yourself
  • How to communicate better with friends and family
  • How to enhance people skills


  • Age Range Suitability

    The workshop can cater to children and youth of age range 9 and above but it is best if the group is of a similar age range so that we can provide a more targeted workshop. The age range that works best is age 9 to 12 years old, and 13 years and above.  

  • Venue Requirements

    We are able to provide this workshop at a location of your choice. All we require is a projector for our slides. 

  • Booking Process

    You may choose to book and make payment via our website (we accept both Paypal and bank transfers). We will be in touch to ascertain the date and time, and other information we require on the participants via email.

    Alternatively, do email us at info@discoveringpotential.com.sg to arrange for the booking. In the email, please let us know your preferred date and time, number of participants, and venue and we will revert back to you as quickly as possible.  

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