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Student Self-Development Workshops

Discovering Me and My Career

Career success begins with knowing yourself. Knowing what’s important to you is central to your career journey. To develop career ideas and explore next steps, you need to better understand your interests, values, strengths, and skills and how they relate to meaningful work and the life you want to lead.

Discovering My Strengths

This workshop focuses on empowering students to achieve self-awareness and to apply their knowledge of their strengths to overcome challenges and build good relationships

Self Awareness and Motivation

Success = Self Awareness + Motivation. This is the concept we bring across in this workshop. Finding out what drives you to take the next step in life, or what can move you out of a state of inertia is critical in achieving success. Everyone has different motivators - finding what is your own personal on/off switch is key to becoming successful.

Public workshop for December 2023 is now open for registration!

Facilitation Skills for Leaders

A good leader needs to be a good facilitator. Using the right communication methods, listening skills and group management techniques enables the facilitator to spark interest, sustain participation and deepen understanding among the group. This creates a dynamic group environment that achieves its goals while functioning optimally. This highly interactive workshop provides student leaders with the mindset, techniques and ideas on becoming a good facilitator.

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