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Interview Skills 1-on-1 Coaching

Be prepared, and get hired

With expert interview coaching, we will show you how to talk about your strengths, skills and experience in a way that will sound credible, convincing and confident. Discover how to impress your interviewers by talking at the right level, and by providing compelling examples and asking the right questions at the end. 

This session is custom designed and we have experience with preparing youths for schoolscholarship and entrance interviewsas well as adults for job interviews

All 1-on-1 clients will be coached by our Founder and Principal Interview Coach, Ms Siew Ling Hwang, who not only has extensive experience interviewing and training candidates for various industries and schools, but is also a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Coach, as well as a Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst. Her unique skillset in combining real world practices, NLP Coaching techniques and behavioural expertise provides our 1-on-1 clients with an effective session to achieve real improvements that are suited to their own natural personalities.

We keep the session practical and build on what is natural for you, to enhance it to the next level. It will entail a mock interview session, where the interview coach will assess your performance, identify key areas to work on, provide tips and techniques to enhance your next interview. Each session is different as we will work on the areas that the interview coach feels could benefit you most.

We don't just coach using generic tips. We use the information you provide us, and we research, prepare and customise questions and interview techniques based on industry type, company, role, experience, skills and personality. During the session, you will also be recorded, so that you are able to review and improve your skills after the coaching. 

At Discovering Potential, every client will be asked to do a basic DISC Personality asessment, prior to this coaching session. This is to enhance our value add to you by understanding you at a deeper level. The DISC assessment will assist the Interview Skills Coach to tailor the session to you, and we use this unique method of combining your personality and our tips and techniques for the interview, to elevate you to a new level. We get to the core of behavioural type questions.

We conduct this session in person at our office in Singapore, and via Skype for those who are not in Singapore (or who would like to simulate an upcoming Skype interview).

Each session is 2 hours long. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend a 1-on-1 session with just 1 interviewee, but we are able to cater up to a maximum of 3 participants in a session. For Skype sessions, only 1 interviewee per session is possible. 

Interview Skills Workshop

We conduct group Interview Skills Workshop for schools and corporates.  Depending on your needs and the size of the group, the workshop can be tailored towards your requirements. The workshop can lean towards preparing for awards, school admissions, scholarships, university entrance interviews, first jobs, and mid-career working adults. The key learning elements we usually include in a workshop are:

1. What makes an interview a different skill set from communication?

2. See it from the perspective of the interviewer

3. Preparing for the interview

4. How to manage nerves

5. How to end the interview well

6. Tips for excelling in your interview

7. Mock interview experience


Start your prep work with our tips on mastering interview skills!

Are you prepared for Behavioural Interview Questions?

If you are heading for an interview, you need to know that you are very likely going to be asked at least one (more likely 2 or 3) Behavioural Interview Questions. What are Behavioural Interview Questions (BIQ for short) and do you know how to answer them?

Informative Interview

Interview Questions Designed to Trick You

Good hiring managers usually have a few tricks up their sleeves. Their role after all, is to be able to make an assessment of the candidate in front of them, in a matter of minutes. Some of the easy, straightforward questions they ask, may sometimes be trickier than it sounds - designed to provide the hiring managers with some additional data point about you, that is reflective of your "true" self. Here are a couple of seemingly innoucuous questions, and some suggestions on what the questions are actually about.