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Our services

Discover yourself, discover potential

1-on-1 Expert Consultation - Enhance your Interview Skills with our tailored, customised session. Elevate your Communication Skills by understanding behaviours and motivational factors. Sessions are conducted 1-on-1 for maximum benefit to you. 

Workshops - Choose from our in house workshops or let us know how you want it customised to you. We specialise in areas of Interview Skills for Youths and Adults, Enhancing Communication, DISC Personality Theory, Importance of Knowing Yourself, 


Online Personality Assessments - Discover yourself and your children using our DISC Personality Assessments, which have been highly used and recognised by many individuals and corporations. Our assessments are published by the Institute of Motivational Living, one of the largest publishers of DISC Assessments worldwide. 

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Interview Skills 1-on-1 Coaching

 With expert interview coaching, we will show you how to talk about your strengths, skills and experience in a way that will sound credible, convincing and confident. We coach clients for job, scholarship and school entrance interviews. 

All 1-on-1 clients will be coached by our Founder and Principal Interview Coach, Ms Siew Ling Hwang, who not only has extensive experience interviewing and training candidates for various industries and schools, but is also a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Coach, as well as a Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst. Her unique skillset in combining real world practices, NLP Coaching techniques and behavioural expertise provides our 1-on-1 clients with an effective session to achieve real improvements that are suited to their own natural personalities.

We don't just coach using generic tips. We use the information you provide us, and we research, prepare and customise questions and interview techniques based on industry type, company, role, experience, skills and personality. During the session, you will also be recorded, so that you are able to review and improve your skills after the coaching. 

At Discovering Potential, every client will also be asked to do a basic DISC Personality asessment, prior to this coaching session. This is to enhance our value add to you by understanding you at a deeper level. The DISC assessment will assist the Interview Skills Coach to tailor the session to you, and we use this unique method of combining your personality and our tips and techniques for the interview, to elevate you to a new level. We get to the core of behavioural interview questions.

We offer this session via Skype as well for clients who are not from Singapore. 

Workshop for Children and Youths

We strive to share two key themes during this workshop:

1. To develop the idea of "knowing thyself is the beginning of all wisdom"

  • Introduction to the concept of DISC Personality Styles and the four key personality styles

  • Introduction to blended styles and internal values

  • Dig deeper into themselves and understand their own personality styles


2. To develop understanding of uniqueness in personalities and develop people skills

  • To inculcate the ability to reduce judgement, and increase acceptance

  • Develop flexibility and understanding when dealing with people who are different to yourself

  • How to communicate better with friends and family

  • How to enhance people skills

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Effective communication with 1-on-1 Coaching

Mastering effective communication is critical in developing both professional relationships as well as personal ones. The starting point in building people skills starts from being effective in our communication skills. 

To master communication, we believe that the key starting block is knowing ourselves. Once we achieve mastery of ourselves, we then need an understanding of others.

This session will start with a DISC profiling assessment (to be completed online), followed by a 1-on-1 coaching session by a Certified Behavioural Consultant. During this session, we are able to provide insight into your personality tendencies, and provide guidance on how you can enhance your communication skills by understanding the personality of others.  We discuss strengths, motivational factors, needs and how unlocking insight into all this provides us with the ability to communicate better with others.

You will discover strengths and strategies to understand those around you and thus be able to communicate better and achieve more.

​This session is for 1.5 hours and runs as a 1-on-1 session.

Children's DISC Personality Assessment - Online test with Custom report

This is a DISC assessment, designed specially for children aged 9 to 12. The assessment works to provide parents with an insight into their child's individual wiring, and to provide a non-judgemental, objective framework for parents, caregivers and teachers to have a positive, reaffirming discussion on their child's strengths, communication style, and motivational preferences.

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