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We tailor our workshops to engage participants of different age groups and requirements differently.

Registration links for our public run workshops can be found in our workshop details below. Bookings for our highly specialised DSA Interview Skills Workshop is now open

We welcome customization of workshops to achieve your school or corporate objectives. Let us know what you need at and we would be happy to work with you to maximize your training goals. 

DSA Interview Skills Workshop



This is a small group, hands on workshop, designed to provide our young participants with the right preparation and confidence to tackle the DSA-Sec Interview.

For whom

Suitable for Primary 5 and 6 students who would like specialised interview coaching to be prepared and confident for the DSA Interviews and all future interviews. 

Open for registration. Book now

Head Start Interview Workshop



This is a high impact workshop, designed to provide our young participants with in depth knowledge of what to expect at interviews and how to build up skills to tackle interviews with confidence. 

For whom

Suitable for primary and secondary school students age 11 and above, particularly targeted to those who would like to get a head start in preparing for future interviews such as DSA interviews, school and CCA interviews and school entrance interviews.  

Conquer Interviews Workshop


The interview represents a pivotal moment that can change the career or life path you are on. This is a workshop to accelerate your mastery of interview skills and to empower each participant to be able to face each interview head on, with confidence. 

For whom

Suitable for any participant who is seeking knowledge and techniques to achieve a “yes” from interviews. This workshop is designed to be suitable for participants who have commenced job seeking or may be returning to the workforce after a career break. Students who are seeking entry into higher learning institutions and new graduates are also welcomed. 

Interview Skills Masterclass


This is our speciality and it is an advanced, high interaction, small group workshop, designed to provide each participant with the inner ability to elevate themselves into a confident speaker and achieve real and lasting improvements in their interview techniques. This workshop encompasses a mock interview segment to allow every participant to put their learnings to a test. 

For whom

Suitable for executives across all levels of experience, including new graduates or those who have had prior internship or work experience. Particularly targeted to those who are already familiar with foundational interview knowledge such as interview formats and basic preparation requirements and are keen to focus on delivery techniques and enhancing execution quality

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