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Here Is All You Need to Know About MMI Interviews!

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

MMI interviews are a pretty common term for a medical school student. However, they are increasingly being used in other recruitment departments too. Hence, even if you are not an aspiring medical student; you might need to know what the MMI is all about!

What Is an MMI Interview?

MMI is an abbreviation for multiple mini-interview. As the name suggests, it’s a series of short interviews where a person or a student is assessed for their skills, most commonly their soft skills.

MMI interviews are usually for the students aspiring to take admission in any medicine, dental, nursing or physiotherapy course. To be successfully admitted, they need to clear the MMI interview that can be up to a set of 10 stations.

Stations are more or less the situations that you have to clear for passing. For instance, the station could be a roleplay station or empathy station.

MMI interviews have been a significant part of the admission or recruiting process in the health care area. However, with an increasing and better grip of soft skills needed in other industries, MMI interviews are used by some corporates and will likely become more and more a part of the corporate hiring process too.

Also, some businesses have introduced the practice of using the MMI Interview among the employees as a training module to further develop soft skills and also as a performance indicator.

Common MMI Interview Stations

Let’s have a look at a few of the common MMI interview stations and its set up.

1. Communication Station

Station setup: Give instructions on how to fold a shirt

This is a deceptively easy station but many candidates struggle with this station. At this station, two of your major skills are tested. Firstly, how clear you are at giving instructions and of course your communication skills.

2. Role-Play Station

Station setup: Telling a friend that you cannot make it to the planned dinner.

In the role-play station, you are required to act according to the situation. This could either be sharing bad news, an unexpected outcome, or just empathizing. You may have an actor at the station to make the situation more realistic. Here, the tone of your voice, choice of words and ability to show empathy is tested.

3. Personal Station

Station setup: Asking questions regarding your life choices. For instance, why do you want to become what you are becoming?

The purpose is to see the drive behind what is motivating you and to see how well you would fit to the requirements of the industry.

4. Career Station

Station setup: Asking about the latest trends in the industry. For example, during a physiotherapy entrance interview, they may ask, what do you think about the rise in the number of chiropractors?

Career stations are used to test your knowledge of the current developments of the industry you have chosen and to discover if you are able to provide logical discussions of current issues.

Now, you have an idea of what MMI interview stations are. Asking basic personal and career questions, acting out a scene, and communication skill tests are among the most common types of the station.

How To Ace the MMI Interview Station?

Here are some tips on acing the station in your very first attempt.

  • Get familiarized with the common stations

  • Practice the common stations so you have an idea of handling the setup at that moment

  • Listen carefully to what is expected of you

  • Understand the strategy to ace each station

  • Be confident


In today’s competitive world, soft skills are a must-have. Medical institutions are already using MMI interviews to select competent candidates. However, some corporates have adapted the MMI interview and have selectively used some stations in their interviews. Going forward, it is expected that the corporate world include this technique to shortlist potential candidates as well as to make promotion and staff development decisions.

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