Enhancing Communication between Adult and Child

Enhancing Communication between Adult and Child

Learning about the inner workings of your child / student's mind is invaluable on many fronts. But just understanding the child is only half the picture, as the adult needs to understand his or herself too. The adult is the key driver to being able to foster a mutual understanding of one another, and with mastery of both your unique personalities, you are able to support one another in augmenting your strengths, and being able to deal with your weaknesses, while stretching out of your comfort zones to develop adaptability and people skills.


We will be providing a DISC Personality Assessment for 1 adult and a DISC Personality Asessment for a Child or Youth (depending on the age, suitable for children age 9 and above). Upon completion of both asessments, our Certified Behavioural Consultants will analyse both asessments and provide a detailed report on both individuals as well as a custom report on enhancing communication between both individuals. 


The 3 reports will be sent to you via email for you to read and use as a positive, non judgemental tool to work towards enhancing both yourselves as individuals as well as to enhance communication between the both of you.


The individualised reports can help improve communication, while minimizing misunderstandings and miscommunication. It can also assist parents/teachers to learn how to encourage and motivate their child based on their unique personality and preferences. Since children are in a developmental stage, where meta-cognition and applied introspection is difficult, this report helps to create the language and framework necessary to help kids cultivate a growth mindset.


It also helps parents / teachers to apply an understanding of the relationships between their own DISC style and that of their child. It also offers suggestions and advice as to how parents can make informed choices about how to create ideal environments that will empower their child to succeed.


To find out more about the basics of the DISC Personality Theory and the foundation principles that we use, do take a read at our blog articles 


  • Additional Adult

    The reports generated includes only 1 personality assessment for 1 adult and 1 personality assessment for 1 child/youth. Should you wish to do a 2 adult, 1 child/youth assessment, we are able to do so for an additional amount of $95. Please note that the focus of the report will be on the adult/child relationship and not on the adult to adult relationship. 

  • Add on of 1-on-1 consultation session

    You may choose to add on a 1-on-1 Consultation session to enhance the value of the reports to you.

    Upon purchase of the reports, we will be in touch with you via email with a link and the necessary instructions for the assessment. It will be done online and will take approximately 10 - 15 minutes of your time. Once complete, we will be informed via the system and our Certified Behavioural Consultant will analyse the asessment and will be in touch with you to arrange for a 1 on 1 session. As each assessment needs to be analysed individually based on your assessment reponse, the 1 on 1 session will usually take place at least 5 working days after your assessment completion.Our clients usually find that a 1 on 1 session brings new levels of depth to the personality asessmenst as we are able to do a deep dive together with you.

    It is usually best that both the adult and the child is present during the 1-on-1 consultation but this is strictly based on the preference of the adult. 

    This consultation session will last for 1 hour (1.5 hours if the assessment involves 2 parents and 1 child). It will take place at our office at 40A, Orchard Road, MacDonald House, 3rd Floor. We will be in touch to arrange a suitable time. A copy of your DISC Personality Report will also be prepared for you and shared with you during this session.