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PSLE Oral Coaching - 2 hours

PSLE Oral Coaching - 2 hours

This is a 2 hour session designed for students preparing for their PSLE Oral exam. The coaching is suitable for students between the ages of 10 - 12. 


Knowing You

Being able to do well in the PSLE Oral exam requires multiple facets of skills. Different students will face different challenges and there is no one size fits all. Students may struggle with the oral exam for various reasons including confidence, limited vocabulary, unfamiliarity with certain topics, lack of experience in verbalising their thoughts and providing off the cuff responses and many more. Identifying the areas of challenge is critical in taking next steps towards improvement. 



During coaching, we prepare you for what you need. We focus on areas and topics that are challenging for the student as well as cover a broad range of topics that are commonly used for the PSLE exams. We encourage and coach the student's predictive ability, critical thinking, delivery and communication skills. Depending on the student, we can strictly focus all sessions on Simulus Based Conversations, or intersperse it with Reading as required. 


Upon receiving your booking, we will be in touch to confirm a suitable timing for the coaching session and to request for the necessary information. 


Discounts apply for coaching packages. Coaching packages for PSLE Oral can be used for DSA Interview Skills Coaching sessions as well. After booking your package, you may contact us to let us know accordingly. 


Reviews from parents:

"I initially signed up for DSA interview skill sessions (1-on-1) for my daughter. Based on the videos that was provided after each session, I can see that my daughter gained confidence and improved after each session. As I was pleased with the result, I went on to sign up for PSLE Oral Coaching sessions as well. My daughter really enjoys her sessions. Siew Ling provided great guidance and encouragement that enabled my daughter to perform well for her DSA interview and Prelim Oral. She received a confirmed offer by SOTA and her Prelim Oral improved by 2 grades! I’m certain she will perform well for her PSLE oral as well. Thank you very much, Siew Ling! I will not hesitate to recommend Siew Ling to my friends!"


"I am writing this email to tell you a piece of good news! Y has received full marks in his English Oral test in his Mid-year Examination. Thanks so much for your great help! He really improved a lot after all your lessons with him. Many thanks!"



  • Additional info

    This 2  hour session will take place at our office at 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #06-01, S239924 (150m away from Dhoby Ghaut MRT) or via video conferencing. Both methods are equally effective, with video conferencing offering a much more time effective method. We are able to schedule you at your convenience between Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturday between 9 am to 1 pm (subject to availability of our Coach). 

  • Refund policy

    Once Discovering Potential has confirmed the time and date of your session via email or the client has commenced any personality assessments, no refunds will be possible as we have already booked the slot for you. 

    However, should there be any scheduling problems where we are booked up and unable to schedule your session suitably for you, a refund will be provided. 

    • Please do not cancel or change appointments once made, if at all possible. Any change in timing that is made less than 7 days of the appointment still incur the full session fee. Sessions cancelled within 7 working days of the appointment still incur the full session fee. 
    • Refunds will not be issued for no-shows and a second appointment will not be offered.
  • Coaching packages

    You may choose to attend our coaching service by selecting to book a single session or by selecting a 3 session package (5% off, 6 months validity) or 6 session package (10% off, 12 months validity). The discount for the  session packages only applies for bookings that are fully paid for.  For avoidance of doubt, no refunds or discounts will apply to any past single session coaching or unutilised sessions past the validity period.

    The package can be used for DSA Interview Skills coaching as well. 

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