Effective communication with 1-on-1 coaching


Mastering effective communication is critical in developing both professional relationships as well as personal ones. Communication skills can be a challenge even for those who are experts in their own technical fields. 

We combine techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and leverage on our expertise in Personalities and Behaviours to create a session that is specific to you. ​

This session will start with a DISC personality assessment (to be completed online), followed by a 1-on-1 coaching session. During this session, we are able to provide insight into your communication preferences, and provide guidance on how you can enhance your communication skills by identifying and understanding the personality of others.  We discuss strengths, motivational factors, needs and how unlocking insight into all this provides us with the ability to communicate better with others. 

Specific techniques and strategies, including NLP techniques that are suitable for your unique personality type will be coached as well, so that you are able to continue practicing and enhance your own communication skills after the session.

This is a 1-on-1 coaching session. The duration ranges from 2 hours to 2.5 hours, depending on the type of session

Communication Skills Training

DISC Personality Assessment

Being able to communicate well is key to almost anything we do. At Discovering Potential, we believe in building communication skills by starting with the most crucial element, which is knowing yourself. With self awareness in place, we can then work on understanding others and thus communicate well with others.

The workshop will be conducted using building blocks from DISC Personality theory, and will focus on using this knowledge to build communication skills.

Our workshops are conducted by a Certified Advanced Behavioural Consultant, who is certified and experienced in the usage of DISC profiling instruments created and provided by The Institute of Motivational Living Inc. Each workshop will involve using various techniques including videos, engaging activities and participation from the attendees. 

The workshop is customisable to your requirements. We usually provide workshops that are inclusive of a DISC Personality Assessment for each participant, and encourage a session of at least 3 hours duration. We welcome working with both large groups and small groups - we are able to customise accordingly. 

The workshop outline will differ depending on your requirements, but as a guide, here are the topics we usually cover:

1. How effective communication requires self awareness 

2. Brief introduction to DISC Personality Theory

3. Why different personalities talk and listen differently

4. How do we adapt and communicate

5. Applying the skill at work and at home

Adult and Child Communication

Enhancing Communication between Adult and Child

Learning about the inner workings of your child / student's mind is invaluable on many fronts. But just understanding the child is only half the picture, as the adult needs to understand his or herself too. The adult is the key driver to being able to foster a mutual understanding of one another, and with mastery of both your unique personalities, you are able to support one another in augmenting your strengths, and being able to deal with your weaknesses, while stretching out of your comfort zones to develop adaptability and people skills.


We will be providing a DISC Personality Assessment for 1 adult and a DISC Personality Asessment for a Child or Youth (depending on the age, suitable for children age 9 and above). Upon completion of both asessments, our Certified Behavioural Consultants will analyse both asessments and provide a detailed report on both individuals as well as a custom report on enhancing communication between both individuals. 

We provide the option of a 1-on-1 Consultation for this program as well.