Student Interview Skills Workshops

DSA-Sec Interview Skills Workshop

A small group, hands on workshop, designed to provide our young participants with the right preparation and confidence to tackle the DSA-Sec Interview.

Suitable for Primary 5 and 6 students who would like specialised interview coaching to be prepared and confident for the DSA Interviews and all future interviews.

Our March 2022 workshop is open for registration now!

Interview Skills for Scholarships and Tertiary Education

Participants are empowered with what to expect, how to prepare and strategise for answering any interview question they may encounter in a scholarship (public and private sector) as well as university interviews. This workshop is suitable for you if you are a Upper Secondary, Junior College or Polytechnic student.

EAE Interview Skills

The EAE is an aptitude-based admissions exercise that provides candidates a chance to obtain admission into your chosen polytechnic course based on your interest and aptitude and not solely on your academic results. Learn how to ace the EAE Interview at this workshop.