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Common EAE interview questions

Whether you are preparing for the EAE (Poly) or EAE (ITE) interview, it is always helpful to do some preparation work prior to the interview day. Being able to anticipate some of the questions and practicing for it helps candidates significantly. It is important however to understand that every candidate is their own unique self, and answers to interview questions should also be sincere, and reflective of your own self-awareness and personality. Looking up "ideal" answers on the Internet, is not a means of preparation. Instead, try to do a deep dive on your own and ask yourself how you can best showcase who you are during the interview.

Is it important to predict every question in an interview? No, it is not. It is about understanding the key aspects that the EAE interview is about, and knowing the overarching strategy in answering the questions.

The questions used by interviewers during the EAE interview, are primarily for them to understand who you are. We have provided some sample questions in the core areas that the interviewers are most interested in.

1. Demonstrate an interest/aptitude in the area beyond the average person

(a) Why are you interested in [course]?

(b) Have you considered any other courses?

(c) What do you know about this program?

(d) What courses/workshops have you attended in this area?

(e) How have you deepened your interest in this area?

(f) In what way do you feel this area suits you?

(g) What will you do if you do not succeed in entering this course?

2. Demonstrate detailed and current knowledge of the course and the industry

(a) Which part of our program do you think interests you most?

(b) Is there any particular module that you think you may not enjoy?

(c) Can you share with us what you think the current landscape is like in this industry?

(d) What developments do you foresee in the next few years in this industry?

(e) Is there any particular industry trend you have noticed?

3. Demonstrate an understanding of potential career prospects

(a) What is the reason you wish to take this course?

(b) In what way do you see this course as being part of your personal development?

(c) What are your short and long term plans?

(d) What do you intend to do with the knowledge learnt during this course?

Remember that the interview is for the interviewer to get to know you better and to ascertain your suitability and fit for the course. How much they know about you from the interview is in your control - what you say, what you do not say, how you say it, how you sound and how you delivered the answer.

Written by: Siew Ling Hwang, Founder and Principal Interview Coach, Discovering Potential

Ms Siew Ling Hwang, has extensive experience providing interview skills training to candidates for various industries and schools. She specialises in conducting workshops and 1-on-1 training for those seeking to improve their interview skills for school interviews and job interviews. She is also a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and NLP Coaching, as well as a Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst. Her unique skillset in combining real world practices, NLP Coaching techniques and personality and behavioural expertise provides clients with an effective session to achieve real improvements that are suited to their own natural personalities.


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