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Job Interview Preparation Strategies: What to Do and What to Skip?

When you finally get a call for a job interview, there are so many things that starts to race through your mind. What should I do? What do I need to prepare? Read on because this article will prepare and guide you to ace your interview and get the job! Happy reading!

Interview panels comprise many seasoned professionals that have the ability to look behind masks and peek through your hidden battle scars. Hence you need to be prepared for any kind of question they might ask. Job opportunities are scarce, and so stakes are high. Here is a compilation of some top-notch job interviews' do's and don'ts.

1. Analyse The Job Description

Knowing the job description inside out is a critical step towards doing well in your job interview. The job description has many details that if read and understood carefully, can shape your answers and provide you with a strategic direction as to how to answer the interviewers’ questions. Be very certain about the required skills that the job requires – both soft skills and technical skills.

2. Practice And Record

Practice is non-negotiable. However, how you practice really matters. One way that works well is to record yourself, and watch the recording. You will then be able to observe your own delivery style, and make corrections.

3. Brainstorm Stories

Stories of your past experiences add a lot of value to your interview. These stories are pockets of evidence that you will be able to use as a way of convincing your interviewer that you have certain experiences or skills. Many of us have interesting stories but they lie deep in your memories, which may not surface during the interview itself. Do the brainstorming before your interview, rather than leaving it to chance during the interview.

4. Do Not Be Arrogant

There lies a fine line between selling yourself and being arrogant. The interviewers are looking for people who seem authentic and reliable while fulfilling all their requirements. Yes, you can and should talk about your achievements and credentials but make sure not to go overboard. The interviewer might also ask for your weaknesses. Do mention your weaknesses since it is human element. However, make sure to be strategic and choose your weaknesses carefully.

5. Do Not Memorize

Regurgitation makes most people robotic and the delivery tone becomes insincere, and monotonous. Eye contact is also reduced and the candidate becomes socially cut off. It is difficult for the interviewer to get a sense of who you are when there is no rapport being built. As tempting as it is to memorize, it is important to prioritize sincerity and good eye contact during the interview.

6. Dress Up Accordingly

Your dressing sense speaks for your present mindedness and intellect. Dress accordingly by wearing formal or semi-formal attire, preferably modest. Do pay attention to dressing etiquettes such as wearing statement suits, hair swept neatly away from your face, and matching your socks with your bottom for men. For women, paying attention to the length of your dress, wearing only a single piece of subtle jewellery, warm-toned clothes, and other such details is really important. These minute details tell the interviewer how professional and passionate you really are! For job interviews that are being held via video conferencing, pick dark toned clothes that do not have lines or patterns.

7. Do Ask Questions

Asking questions is the key to a productive interview portraying your concerns and interests as well. However, do not be excessively chatty. It is totally safe to ask some questions that genuinely concern you, such as, "Does the company offer training and progression opportunities for the employees?"


Job interviews play a big role in selecting potential candidates, and so it is crucial to be fully prepared. By following these tips and tricks, you will surely be prepared to have a successful interview and score the job.

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